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Excavation and Groundworks

Do you have a plot of land that needs to be excavated to create foundations for a new building, basement or water feature?

Our experienced team can handle any size of task, from small jobs, such as stripping topsoil ready for reuse or removing from the site, to larger projects, such as changing the topography of the ground.

Using our range of specialised equipment, we will prepare the site in readiness for the new project, all the while using our considerable experience to ensure the job is carried out in the safest possible manner and adhering to health and safety regulations at all times.

Topsoil Excavation

Sandyfields use a range of machinery to remove topsoil from your site, ready to install foundations or move the soil elsewhere. While the depth of topsoil differs depending on each project, we generally excavate topsoil to a depth of between 150 and 300mm.

Earth Excavation

Our team can safely conduct earth excavation projects to change the topography of the ground and prepare your site for a new project. Earth excavation involves removing the layer of soil that lies beneath topsoil, which can then be reused elsewhere.

Basement  Excavation

Sandyfields use specialist excavation equipment to dig basements into existing sites. We can demolish existing buildings and clear the site in preparation, digging up to 7m into the earth. Once filled, we can level and landscape the site, recycling waste material for other uses.

Groundworks services

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Excavation and GroundworksExcavation and GroundworksExcavation and GroundworksExcavation and Groundworks

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