Specialist tree and vegetation clearance in the West Midlands

Welcome to Sandyfields, one of the West Midlands’ most trusted tree and vegetation clearance experts. With over 30 years’ experience, we provide a wide range of vegetation clearance services including mulching, chipping, tree shearing, steep embankment scrub removal and site clearance.

Vegetation clearance services
tree and vegetation clearance


Based in Claverley, between Bridgnorth and Wolverhampton, we work customers in a broad range of industries on tree and vegetation clearance projects throughout the whole of the West Midlands.

Our highly experienced team use specialist equipment to carry out tree and vegetation clearance projects on all types of terrain, including forestry mulchers and a 14 tonne excavator fitted with a hydraulic tree shear.

Sandyfields are fully insured to safely and efficiently manage all vegetation clearance projects in accordance with the latest health and safety regulations, giving you complete peace of mind.

From felling and shearing standing trees to clearing large areas of scrub on steep embankments, Sandyfields have the right tools and experience for the job.

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Organic mulch is highly beneficial for improving soil quality, retaining moisture and protecting new plants. We use forest mulching equipment to create both mulch and wood chippings, which can be worked back into the soil or removed from the site.

Scrub & Site Clearance

Scrub & Site Clearance

Sandyfields use specialist equipment to clear large areas of scrub including weeds, shrubs, trees and other vegetation, making your site much easier to manage. Scrub clearance also helps to prepare existing sites for new planting or further development.

Steep Embankment Scrub Clearance

Steep Embankment Scrub Clearance

Scrub clearance can be particularly challenging on steep embankments. Sandyfields are highly experienced in safely and efficiently clearing scrub areas along steep embankments and challenging terrain, such as along highways and in sloped woodland.

tree shearing

Tree Shearing

Our 14 tonne excavator is fitted with a hydraulic tree shear that’s capable of safely and efficiently felling trees of up to 300mm in diameter. As well as cutting or trimming standing trees, we can also cut fallen trees into chippings or firewood.

root removal

Root Removal

After standing trees have been felled or sheared, Sandyfields can also remove tree stumps and roots. We use specialist equipment to dig down and safely remove deep tree roots to completely clear your site for planting or groundworks.

wood chipping


Sandyfields can efficiently turn felled and fallen trees or branches into smaller woodchip for a variety of other uses. These chips can then be worked back into the ground to enrich the soil or be used as organic mulch around new trees.

To find out more about the wide range of tree and vegetation clearance services we provide across the West Midlands, visit our services section or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Areas Covered

Based at Lower Aston Farm in Wolverhampton, Sandyfields provide tree and vegetation clearance services for both domestic and commercial customers across the whole of the West Midlands.

We also operate throughout the nearby areas of:, , Bilston, Walsall, and .

If you’re looking for tree and vegetation clearance in the West Midlands, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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Sandyfields Reviews

Sandyfields work with both domestic and commercial customers in Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas. Here are some recent reviews from just a few of our happy customers:

Stu Lambeth, Facebook

"Where do I start? From the first phone call through to the last remnants being cleared, these guys display the utmost professionalism.

Competitive pricing, friendly staff, incredibly helpful and understanding of a very vulnerable person's needs, even during difficult circumstances. These guys can't be faulted.
Thank you!"

5 star review

"Sandyfields did a fantastic job cutting down several very large leylandii in our garden, and putting up a new feather-edge fence in their place.

The trees were overgrown and overhanging, but they made short work of cutting them down. They were safe, careful and thorough, doing everything to a high standard.

We couldn't be happier with the results and wouldn't hesitate to use Sandyfields again."

5 star review

Site Clearance FAQ

View our Frequently Asked Questions section to get answers on the most common questions about vegetation and tree clearance in the West Midlands:

What kind of sites might require vegetation and tree clearance?

Site clearance might be required for a range of purposes. It may be that you have a plot of land that you would like to enhance or develop, or you need to clear excessive plant growth to level out ground, put in new building foundations and improve site access.

It could also involve clearing woodland, highways or other portions of land to remove weeds, shrubs and invasive species that have spread over large areas.

Does tree clearance require any permissions?

Possibly, particularly where tree shearing or tree root removal is required since this may require specific permission. Sandyfields will work with you to determine the best course of action for your tree clearance project. We’ll carry out evaluations, prepare surveys and reports if required, and obtain any necessary permissions.

What if my site has variable ground conditions?

Sandyfields can work on sites with a broad variety of topographical conditions. We have the right vehicles, equipment and machinery to be able to clear vegetation and trees from any site - including steep embankments.

What type of equipment is used for vegetation and tree clearance?

Having access to a broad range of equipment, and a highly skilled team to operate it, are both essential parts of any successful site clearance projects.

Sandyfields use a number of specialist vehicles and machines for tree and vegetation clearance, including a 14-tonne excavator fitted with a hydraulic tree shear that can safely fell trees of up to 300mm in diameter. We also have specialist equipment for mulching, wood chipping and tree stump grinding.

What happens to vegetation and trees when they are removed?

Sandyfields provide a range of additional services to manage cleared materials. We use specialist wood chipping and mulching equipment and can help you reduce the cost of removing waste materials by re-working chippings or mulch back into the soil to improve quality and moisture levels.

Should I seek permission to cut down a tree before commencing with a site clearance?

Possibly. Before we can carry out any tree cutting or felling services, you will need to check whether the tree has had a Tree Preservation Order placed on it. If it does, you should seek permission from the tree officer at your local council - even if you only want to remove a single branch.

These rules also apply if you live in a Conservation Area, even if individual trees in your garden do not have a Tree Preservation Order. In both cases, you will need to complete an application form which is then submitted to your local authority to grant permission.

Additionally, if the tree is outside the area you need clearing, you may need to seek a felling license from the Forestry Commission. However, if your tree does not have a Tree Preservation Order and you don’t live in a Conservation Area, then you do not require permission and can proceed with your project. For more information, please contact your local tree officer.

Which areas do you cover?

Sandyfields are based just outside Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, and we provide expert vegetation and tree clearance services for domestic and commercial clients in areas such as Bridgnorth, Albrighton, Pattingham, Dudley, Kingswinford, Stourbridge, Cannock, Stafford, Bilston, Walsall, Tamworth and Lichfield.

For a free, no-obligation quote or to discuss your tree surgery, groundworks or landscaping requirements in more detail, please contact Sandyfields and we’ll come back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you.