Basement Dig, Pattingham

December 6, 2018

Sandyfields was asked to demolish an existing building and clear the site to ground level in preparation for a basement dig.

The basement dig measured 30m long x 15m wide x 7m deep and involved the extraction of approximately 4,000m3 of waste material. During the dig, we encountered a 600mm seam of sandstone which had to be broken down and removed from the site.

All waste material was recycled and used to build up a low lying area of a nearby field which was suffering drainage problems. Once filled, the site was levelled, reinstated with top soil and landscaped.

An experienced team took one month to complete the job using a 13 ton excavator, a Caterpillar D5 LGP bulldozer with wide and long tracks for the soft ground, and four dump trucks.