Jaguar Land Rover, Solihull

Sandyfields was asked to clear a 600m long section of a man-made berm and erect an acoustic fence to reduce noise pollution between the factory and nearby residents.

The team thinned the existing vegetation out before erecting the 2.5m high fence at the top of the embankment, using an auger to bore holes for the fence posts in the extremely compacted soil.

Once the fence was erected, the team planted and staked a mix of approximately 500 evergreen and deciduous trees, including evergreen oak (quercus ilex), Scots pine (pinus sylvestris), Portuguese laurel (prunus lusitanica) and field maple (acer campestre).

During the labour intensive project, the team used a mini digger, auger and chainsaws, abiding by Jaguar Land Rover’s health and safety regulations and remaining vigilant of the heavy traffic flow on the site. This showed how our commercial landscaping services can help large firms.