Lake Desilting / Dredging, Claverley

August 31, 2018

Sandyfields was asked to desilt a 30-year-old lake measuring 130m long x 25m wide x 4m deep which was full of silt and debris, and overgrown with trees and young saplings.

Before starting work, we conducted a thorough environmental survey and constantly monitored our progress to ensure disruption to wildlife was kept to a minimum. After creating a sump hole and re-routing the water flow to drain the lake, we created a series of platforms which enabled us to move the machinery around the site to carry out the desilting. We then cleared vegetation from the lake and the surrounding area.

All waste material was spread over a nearby field where it was landscaped and reinstated with grass seed.

In challenging conditions, a skilled team took just seven days to complete the project using two 13 ton excavators and two dump trucks.